Infant  Program:

Thank you for your interest in our program!  I feel so blessed to offer a very special infant program!


I absolutely love working with babies!  They are like little sponges, soaking up everything and most things they learn are a first for them.  From crawling, standing, taking their first steps, walking, transitioning to solid foods, saying their first words, being aware of the concept of sharing and being kind to others as they's all very exciting to be a part of their growth at this very important time in their lives.

The first goal is to create a calm, bright, stimulating and supportive environment for them. This gives children confidence to explore, create, learn and play.  Keeping a low ratio and being able to offer a home setting is one of the contributing factors.    In addition, having the same teacher and little friends they are familiar with are beneficial for little ones to feel comfortable!  They learn so much by interacting and building friendships with each other! Next, offering a variety of materials for them to learn with keeps their minds active and satisfied.  So reading picture books, singing songs, learning through flashcards, puppets and felt stories, a selection of age appropriate toys, and even trying our hand at arts & crafts is a part of our day. These simple activities, being hands-on and engaging with them results in some pretty happy and calm babies!  


They grow up so fast but I consider myself beyond lucky to have this opportunity to support families in shaping these first few years of little one's lives!  Thank you for taking the time to read about my views and goals for this program.  

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