Hello Parents!    

My name is Aimee Yankwitt and I've enjoyed working with children for the past 20 years.  My experience includes owning a licensed preschool and infant daycare, teaching English in Japan at local preschools/ kindergartens and returning to the States to work with some wonderful families as a nanny!  With each age group I've had the pleasure of teaching, I've also used my love of art and all things crafty to create fun and interactive learning materials for my little students.


I opened a registered home daycare with a desire to combine all the benefits of a nanny, daycare center and home daycare into one.  A family typically may be seeking a nanny due to wanting more personalized care for their little one.  At the same time they may wish for their child to socialize with other children and enjoy learning activities that a daycare center can offer.  And some families prefer the lower ratio of a home daycare rather than a facility.

I believe Little Friends Playschool is a blend of all of the above!  With a low ratio, I offer quality, personalized care for each little one.  When it comes to developing their social skills, our group of babies are social butterflies!  They love coming each day to play and learn with their friends.  And for activities, I'm always searching for fun art ideas, books and even workbooks that can be used for our learning time.  Plus, having the school in my home allows me to offer a warm, peaceful, fun environment for babies to grow.  It's such a joy and so rewarding to offer a very special, unique program to my community!

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Story time with my infant home daycare years ago.  Oh my, what concentration! :)

Craft time with my Japanese students.  How cute are their lions?

Making memories with my nanny kiddos like building a house out of a cardboard box and going on a fun outing!

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